Kappa Clinic

The Casualty Department operates 24 hours on a daily basis, with the permanent presence of experienced medical and well-trained Nursing staff that provides service to the public in time.

It is supported by all specialties with direct access to all Clinical Departments and Laboratories of Kappa Clinic.

The Medical and Nursing staff are making the best they can to ensure that patients are served as quickly as possible by implementing the priority system with the most Urgent Incidents being treated first.

In case you are in the Casualty Department, you need to have with you or you can provide information about any medication you receive, thus making it easier for the staff to address your problem.

The Department is equipped with two fully equipped ambulances and a patient transport vehicle.

The Casualty Department is staffed with the following Doctors:

  • Myti George General Surgeon – Manager of the Causality
  • Dr Michail Charalambos General Surgeon – Neurosurgeon
  • Dr Kouma Emily
  • Dr Melissi Melina
  • Dr Rousounidou Antigoni
  • Dr Anastasiou Artemis
  • Dr Petrou Stavroula

The Nursing staff consists of very experienced and capable nurse. The sister of Casualty department is Mrs Daniela Dolhan who very successfully manage and supervise her team:

Nursing staff:

  • Dalamitrou Athanaasia – Sister Assistant
  • Geangalau Adriana-Senior Nurse
  • Dejic Elena - Senior Nurse
  • Ioannou Renos – Nurse A’
  • Panagitou Nicos – Nurse A’
  • Marios Nicolaou – Nurse A’

Ambulance crew:

τους Οδηγούς ασθενοφόρων/διασώστες:

  • Efthivoulou Marios
  • Thrasivoulou Omiros
  • Kolaiti Nicolas
  • Pavlidi Loucas
  • Koursouari Demetris

Secretarial services are offered from:

  • Theophanous Andri
  • Sotiriou Maria
  • Petrou Elena
  • Mpertoli Paraskevi (part time)