M.R.I. Scan

Kappa Clinic
The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Department features the state-of-the-art magnetic spectrometer Magnetom Espree 1.5T. This spectrometer has many advantages compared to others of the same type: its diameter is large (70cm), which provides at least 30cm of space above the patient, which is about twice as large as other similar machines. It also has very short length (125cm) and thus allows many examinations to be performed with the patient’s head left outside the spectrometer. It offers more comfort and reduces stress during the examination. As the only one in Cyprus, this spectrometer is ideal for claustrophobic as well as overweight (up to 250kg) patients, for children, the elderly and patients with reduced mobility.

At the Department of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, all main and more specialized examinations are carried out, such as:
Brain MRI
Brain MRA – MRV (Angiography – Venography)
Spine MRI
Spinal Cord MRI